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Research & Development

Chromosome Conformation
Capture (3C)/
Circular 3C (4C)/ HiChIP

Chromosome conformation capture (3C) is a technique that quantifies interactions between a single pair of genomic loci. 3C can be used to test a candidate promoter-enhancer interaction. 4C is a sequencing adaptation to 3C, in which all interactions between one locus and all other genomic loci are identified. For example, one gene promoter’s interaction with all possible enhancers. HiChIP uses high throughput sequencing to identify all possible interactions in the genome of a given cell type. 

4C service includes:

1) chromatin preparation including all digestions and ligations

2) sequencing library preparation

3) sequencing

4) interaction calling and data delivery

*Samples can be submitted as fixed cell pellets.  

DNA methylation plays critical roles in gene expression regulation, development and disease. Recent technologies have made it possible to study DNA methylation in single-cell level. Because there is no commercial kit available for scMethyl-seq, we tested the most recently published protocol and established our in-house protocol starting from nuclei isolation, immunolabeling, cell sorting to bisulfite conversion and library preparation.


Please consider collaborating with us if you are interested in scMethyl-seq studies.

Single-Cell DNA Methylome 

Sequencing (scMethyl-Seq)

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