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Computational Scientists


Computational Sciences Director

Yizhou Wang, PhD


Research Bioinformatician II

Alex Rajewski, PhD

Dr. Alex Rajewski completed his PhD in plant biology in 2020 at the University of California, Riverside and his MS in Horticulture in 2015 at the University of Georgia. He recently joined the staff at the Applied Genomics Shared Resource in February 2021, where he will be working primarily on the downstream data analysis of single cell RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, Visium, and WGS. His previous experience includes RNA-Seq analysis, genome assembly and annotation, phylogenetics, and GWAS. He has authored/co-authored 4 peer-reviewed publications and given 26 presentations at scientific conferences.


Additionally, he serves on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committees for several scientific organizations and has hosted workshops and panel discussion on equality issues in science.


Research Bioinformatician I

XueYing (Sarah) Song

XueYing (Sarah) Song completed her MS in Biology at McMaster University in 2020 and joined Cedars-Sinai in January 2021.  As a research bioinformatician I in the Applied Genomics Shared Resource, she performs general 
bioinformatics analysis and provides support for researchers. Her previous research experience includes RNA-Seq analysis, transcriptome assembly, and gene expression analysis. She has authored/co-authored 2 publications, one of which investigated the genomic landscape of genes with sex-biased expression in a polyploid organism Xenopus borealisusing RNA-Seq

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