Research Bioinformatician II

Yizhou Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang obtained his PhD in Plant Science (Bioinformatics track) and MS in Statistics from the University of California, Riverside where he studied epigenetics in the fungi genome under the mentorship of Dr. Jason E. Stajich. He was trained in molecular biology, genetics and NGS/multi-omics data handling and analysis. Dr. Wang served as a senior mutation analyst in a biotech company in 2014 analyzing SNVs and indels called from whole exome sequencing data of autism patients.  He joined the Genomics Core in 2015 and currently serves as a Senior Research Bioinformatician.

Research Bioinformatician I

Di Wu, PhD

Di Wu, PhD, earned her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at Beijing Forestry University, and doctorate in bioinformatics and genomics at Pennsylvania State University, where she primarily focused on identifying genetic markers using RADseq for GWAS and population genetics, as well as understanding expression variations using RNAseq.